Cypress Bend Book Signing

#18 Green with Rainbow Sprinker at Cypress Bend Resort
#18 Green with Rainbow Sprinker

Cypress Bend Staff & Kerry Bennett in Kitchen
Cypress Bend Staff & Kerry Bennett in Kitchen

I just returned from a book signing event at Cypress Bend Resort. The people there are wonderful. I still feel strongly that this is a most wonderful retreat and vacation spot. It’s beauty is inspiring. Kerry Bennett, the Manager was simply wonderful, as were all the staff at Cypress Bend. My wife Bebe and I were treated like royalty. I heard plans for putting more money into the golf course to improve it. That will be great, but no matter what, you can’t find a more beautiful setting for golf.


Cypress Bend Golf Group

Justin Mann, Ken Rams, Obie Agbasi, David Jett, and rt tulley

I enjoyed a wonderful round of golf with 3 professionals (Ken Rams and Justin Mann of Cypress Bend and Obie Agbasi of Black Bear) as well as the person that was given the ‘honor’ of playing with me, David Jett, who is head of the Lake Bistineau state park. Despite my horrible golfing, David lightened up the atmosphere by telling jokes and being an all round great guy. Thanks David. David had a nice round and he and I got to witness firsthand how golf is supposed to be played. The pros, hit their drives over the trees on the right toward the par 4 dogleg right 16th green and made it over the water. I drove into the trees to the right, layed up to the hazard with an 8 iron and then went for the green on my third. Drive and chip for the pros. Such a wide disparity between us. 
Ken and Justin mentioned that the course record was 66. Although this is very good, I was a little surprised that it is not lower. But after playing the course again, I can understand why. You must keep your ball in the fairways or you will be in trouble. Nearly every time I missed a fairway I found myself in thick trees. The only shot was to chip out into the fairway, basically losing a stroke every time. Although the course is not long, it can be treacherous with the trees, hills, and water.
Obie Agbasi on #16 Tee

Obie Agbasi Hits Over the Trees on the Right at #16 Toward the Green

Obie mentioned during the round that I was moving my head. Then afterwards, when we were eating lunch, he told a joke about the professional that repeatedly kept telling the amateur that he wasn’t keeping his head down. When the amateur asked why he kept saying ‘keep your head down,’ the professional said “so you won’t see the rest of us laughing at you!” I guess that summarizes the day in a nutshell. rt

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