Golf Tees

Golf Tees

I am thankful for preparation.  Good preparation requires careful planning, education, study, research, and practice.

Golf tees are used to set the ball up for the first shot on every hole. For that reason, I use golf tees here to represent preparation. Golf tees are the most simple and humble of all golf equipment, and although golf could technically be played without them, their use allows the ball to be put up into the air above the ground and permit better unimpeded contact with the ball. Thus, tees allow for better and longer drives. So it is with good preparation for anything. Although sometimes we can “wing it” without preparation, if we are well prepared our chances for success are much greater.

Golf tees now are mostly wooden or plastic. My dad told me that when he first began playing golf, sand was supplied at the teeing ground in boxes and mixed with a little water to mold a sand tee. Thus came the name “tee box” for the teeing ground. The first golf tee, which sat on top of the ground, was patented in 1889. It was only later (1892) that a patent for tees which were pushed into the ground was issued. It wasn’t until the 1920s that wooden golf tees began to become routinely used with the advent of the “Reddy Tee” (Brent Kelley, I still have some antique golf tees my dad gave me, some of which are wedge looking and others, called Rite Hite tees, which have a ridge which automatically set the proper height to tee up the ball. Tees have gotten longer over the years with the advent of the oversized driver, however, tees today are not nearly as exciting or revolutionary as the wedge tee or the Rite Hite tee.  However, modern tees do the job just fine.


tee it up


it seems that on many nights

i have this recurring dream

in which i am trying to tee up my ball

and no place is adequate it seems

i keep trying new places

on which to tee the ball

but no matter where it goes

off the tee it soon falls

and my partners begin to get agitated

because i am so slow

so i rapidly tee it up in a place

that obstructs my swing though

when i try to hit the ball then

it only dribbles off of the ball tee

so i wonder what it is that this dream

and my psyche are trying to tell me?

© rt tulley

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